How to use a hillbilly washing machine, or doggone it! I wish I could buy a washer!

In a previous post, I covered the Hillbilly Washing Machine, which is a nifty little clothes washing/exercise device. Here is the link to how to make one.

I have a blast, here in the mid-South, doing my clothes washing, although washing king-size sheets in this manner gets old quickly. However, here are some hints:

Be careful not to put too many clothes in the bucket at one time. They won’t get clean if you do.

Instead of moving the plunger up and down in the middle, try doing it along the side of the bucket. I find the clothes churn better this way.

Shift your body in the chair to give you a better work out and increase your flexibility. I put the plunger aside and use my hands, thrusting all the way to the bottom of the bucket, for further stretching.

Allowing your clothes to pre-soak before washing helps. Prepare your bucket and let it set awhile or overnight.

I am amazed at the amount of dirt I get out of the clothes with my little Hillbilly Washer!


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